Mail Forwarding & Street Addresses

Many of our customers need to have a Delaware street address to satisfy their bank’s requirement or for another business purpose.  For an additional fee we can supply an address where your mail will be received and then forwarded to you. We forward only first-class mail, no packages and no periodicals. Before we may legally provide mail forwarding services, U.S. Postal regulations require that you complete and return to us a USPS form, together with the required identification materials. We do not accept mail for our customers sent to our street address, mail sent to our street address will be returned to the sender.

Delaware Corporate Agents, Inc. is proud to announce that the following services are available for its customers:

Mail Forwarding

We will provide you with a U.S. Post Office postal box number.   Mail sent to this box will be forwarded to you weekly. We use a single box number for all mail forwarding services. If you require your own box number, please contact us for pricing. In addition to the USPS box rental charge, we charge an annual fee of $275 USD for the service for up to 52 shipments per year.   We will charge you credit card for the cost of shipping mail and packages to your out-of-state address. Mail forwarded to an address outside the US is shipped by Federal Express. You may either provide us with a credit card to pay for shipping or an account number with a shipping company or a cash deposit.

Street Address

Many banks require a street address and will not accept a post office box as the primary address. We can provide a private mail box which has an associated street address. Most banks will accept this box as the mailing address. We can provide a separate street address for a charge of $375 USD per year in advance, plus mail shipping costs. Under no circumstances may you have mail sent to our street address, any such mail will be returned to the sender even if you have subscribed to our mail forwarding service.

Once you sign up for mail forwarding and have confirmed payment, we will establish the account and send you the necessary access information and instructions. All prices are subject to change without notice, even though this page may not have been changed.

This page is not an offer. Mail forwarding requires that you complete a USPS form [link to PDF form].

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