Limited Partnerships

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Please provide 2 choices, name must contain 'LP,' 'L.P.,' or 'Limited Partnership.' If your partnership will be a limited liability limited partnership, the end of the name must contain 'LLLP,' 'L.L.L.P.,' or 'Limited Liability Limited Partnership.'

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Name of the general partner.

If you want the general partner to be a LLC, please give us 2 choices of name, the name must contain 'LLC,' 'L.L.C.,' of 'Limited Liability Company.'

If the General Partner is to be a LLC, please provide the names of the Member or Members, separated by a comma. Fill in this information only once.

To prepare the partnership agreement we need to know (a) the capital contribution to be received by the partnership from each partner (the capital contribution may be cash/securities/transfer of property/services or any other item of value) and (b) the partnership percentage to be issued to each partner, both general and limited (the percentage interest is partner’s capital contribution divided by the sum of all capital contributions).

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Shipping costs (for Deluxe Incorporation and Deluxe LP only) will be in addition to the total cost indicated and will be added to your credit card. We will notify you of the costs.

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